Three films for Friday and a one off screening of Pretty Woman.


'Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson are an odd couple in this genteel charmer about a widow who champions a man facing eviction from his Hampstead Heath shack.' Neil Smith - Total Film

'Keaton's terrific, and it's sweet and airy and so unhurried you really feel like you've had a nice afternoon in the long grasses and cool breezes on the edge of the city. You wouldn't want to live there, though.' Jason Solomans - The Wrap.

Starring Diane Keaton - Hampstead starts on Friday

Pretty Woman + Live Pianist Friday Night Classic Love Stories 

Gather the girls, mobilise your man or treat your partner to a romantic night out as our classic love story season continues with Pretty Woman for one night only on Friday July 28th. Enjoy a two course meal in the cafe bar with live pianist, the talented Eleanor Ramshaw playing from 7pm. Then go through to the film, Pretty Woman at 8.30pm for £24.95pp.

Live Pianist 7pm, Pretty Woman 8.30pm - 28th July

Wonder Woman 

'Wonder Woman is a cut above nearly all the superhero movies that have been trotted out over the past few summers.' Stephanie Zacharek - Time Magazine

'The moviegoing world deserves the best that Hollywood can deliver, and this time we've pretty much got it.' Joe Morgenstern - Wall Street Journal

Wonder Woman explodes onto the screen from Friday.

'This rather clever, breakneck-paced cartoon gives fans exactly what they want: Like the new nemesis voiced by Trey Parker, it shoots mulitple machine-gun bursts of bubblegum at the audience, asking them to chew and enjoy.' Jordan Mintzer - Hollywood Reporter

'A winningly amusing and action-packed pre-credits sequence is the first of several indications that Despicable Me 3 will go close to matching the original in its ability to engage, excite and delight.' Leigh Paatsch - Herald Sun


Despicable Me 3 starts on Friday

Blog posted: 26/06/2017 by Kate Silverwood