The Film Club

Meeting on Monday Monday April 8th, May 20th, June 17th and July 15th at 7.30pm
The Film Club now has five members and we're looking for more! If you'd like to come along for a lovely, lively discussion please ensure you've seen one of the appropriate films as listed below and you've picked a topic you'd like to talk about.
Apr 8th - The Aftermath or Fisherman's Friends.
May 20th - Red Joan or Wild Rose or Tolkien
June 17th- Rocket Man or Aladdin
July 15th - Yesterday or Toy Story 4.
(These films are subject to change)
Once you've seen one of the films selected for the club, you need to pick a subject to research so you can join the discussion i.e screenplay, director, makeup/ costume or musical score.
Lastly all you need to do is tip up at 7.30pm with your £5 and join the group.
Price: £5 per session, payable on the night to include savoury nibbles to the value of £5.
There is no discount or free ticket to see the film.

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