Leonardo Da Vinci: A Night at the Louvre

Showing on Wednesday 16th September and Sunday 20th September at 6pm


Tickets £12. Film and Two Course Meal £29

Filmed especially for the cinema, this visit is a unique opportunity to contemplate the most beautiful works of Leonardo da Vinci up close. It takes the viewer on a nocturnal stroll through the Louvre in the company of the exhibition’s curators, Vincent Delieuvin and Louis Frank, whose commentaries provide precious insight into Leonardo’s artistic practice and pictorial technique. This major and unprecedented retrospective devoted to the artist’s work in its totality demonstrates how Leonardo elevated painting above all other pursuits, and how his investigation of the world - the “science of painting” as he put it - was at the service of an art whose supreme ambition was to give life to his paintings.

Film Length: 90mins
Format: 2D
Cert: U


Leonardo Da Vinci: A Night at the LouvreSunday Sep 20 6:00PM BOOK